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Саша БездарьBetter (Cover) 03:36
Better COVERKhalid 02:24
Neki (cover)Treat you Better (Shawn Mendes) 00:53
AS(cover)Better Devis eyes 03:43
Batter CoverКалыханка( Саши и Сирожи Cover) xDDDD 02:45
Batyr Jumaniyazowflashlight (cover) 03:21
Batyr Jumaniyazowfirework (cover) 04:28
Batyr Jumaniyazowfeel (cover) 03:46
Batyr Jumaniyazowdiamonds (cover) 03:01
Batyr Jumaniyazowdemons (cover) 02:48
Batyr Jumaniyazowyesterday (cover) 02:13
Batyr Jumaniyazowstay (cover) 04:00
Hot ButterPopcorn (cover) 04:05
Judas PriestBetter By You, Better Than Me (Spooky Tooth cover) 03:26
Wax AudioYou Better Run You Better Take Cover 04:06
Judas PriestBetter By You, Better Than Me (cover Spooky Tooth) 03:25
Judas PriestBetter By You, Better Than Me (Spooky Tooth cover) (Vinyl Rip) 03:24
ArmaggedonBetter By You, Better Than Me (Spooky Tooth cover) 04:37
SASHA NO1SYBOYTreat You Better (Cover Shawn Mendes) 03:11
Shawn MendesTreat You Better ( Cover by Leroy Sanchez) 03:23
Shawn MendesTreat you better(Cover Yes Lad) 03:14
SHAWN MENDESTreat You Better (Cover by Leroy Sanchez) 03:55
Shawn MendesTreat You Better (Cover by Harvey Cantwell) 02:19
Yulia ShapkinaAint nobody loves me better (cover Jasmine Thompson) 03:34
King OceanTreat her better (cover. Mac Demarco) 03:38
SereonyxMajor Lazer - know no better (cover) 02:08
AerosmithJust Feel Better (Cover) 03:59
TWIN MELODYTreat You Better (Cover) 03:02
TenetaI should known better (cover) 01:20
Остап ПарфёновTreat you better cover 03:01
Shawn MendesTreat You Better (cover) 02:14
Jordan SweetoI Like Me Better (cover) 03:45
soapfoamleave before the lights come on (Arctic Monkeys little better cover) 03:42
Lee Changsub (BTOB)Nothing Better (cover) 04:16
Yulia BliznyukovaI can do better(cover) 03:29
에일리 (Ailee)노래가 늘었어 (Singing Got Better) (cover) 03:19
wafmake you feel better (cover RHCP) 03:52
Polina LesikAilee - Singing Got Better (cover) (2014) 03:20
Attom feat. Justin SteinBetter (Cover Art) 02:58
Frank TurnerGet Better (cover by Lenka feat. Max) 02:46
KiViI Can Do Better (cover Avril Lavigne) 03:16
Котова МаринаAvril Lavigne I Can Do Better (Cover) 03:39
Shawn MendesTreat You Better (Cover) 02:50
Shawn MendesTreat you better(COVER BY ME) 02:56
DashaLeontoTreat You Better (cover Shawn Mendes) 03:08
Maddi JaneOnly Gets Better (Cover) 03:45
Tanya MindalTreat you better(cover) 03:04
AileeSinging Got Better (cover) 03:20
suggii like me better (cover) 02:14
Danny Padilla(TOP 15 SONGS MASHUP COVER) Treat You Better - Shawn Mendes 02:35
Biest1xGimme the Loot (OLD COVER better than original) 00:53
MoSHkinМне следовало бы быть поосторожнее (cover Should Have Known Better) 02:55
DJ Andrei Lifea cover version by DJ ReMix Factors - Better Off Alone (remix 2011) 04:24
The Second BreathСид и Нэнси (Cover Ver2.Better.) 02:57
The Door Without NumberСид и Нэнси (Cover Ver2.Better.) 02:57
СухарикShawn Mandes cover-treat you better 02:41
SodomTurn Your Head Around (Tank cover) (Better Off Dead 1990) 03:22
Hot ChipI Feel better (Max Co - I Feel better (Max Cooper Rmx) 06:20
Артём КудрявцевOver My Head (Better Off Dead) (Sum 41 Instrumental Cover) 02:39
Jonah BakerTreat You Better (Acoustic Cover) 03:21
Shawn MendesTreat You Better (acoustic cover by Jonah Baker) 03:21
Max and HarveyTreat You Better x Stitches (Shawn Mendes Cover) 02:48
Сюзанна КрайневаBetter than I know myself (Adam Lambert cover) 03:39
Adam LambertBetter Than I Know Myself (Cover) - Adam Stanton 03:28
DeLong (RP studio)Better than i know myself (Adam Lambert cover) 03:53
Adam LambertBetter Than I know Myself (Instrumental) (Piano) (cover by Claire Low (GlambertPianist) 03:04
UminskiHarder, Better, Faster, Stronger (Daft Punk Cover) 04:33
Flight PathsBetter Now (Post Malone Cover) 03:33
Post MaloneBetter Now (Cover) DJ Tronky Bachata Remix 03:48
Devin santiBetter now (Cover Post Malone) 02:18
Andrew BoomTreat You Better (Shawn Mendes Cover) 02:01
The PlagueTreat You Better (Shawn Mendes Cover) 03:34
Mel FordTreat you better (GD rec.) Shawn Mendes (cover) 03:08
JoJoTreat You Better (Shawn Mendes Acoustic Cover) 03:02
Actions Speak LouderTreat You Better (Shawn Mendes Cover) (Core Zone) 03:02
Sara FarellTreat you better (Shawn Mendes Cover) 03:10
Jason Chen x JRodTwinsTreat You Better (Shawn Mendes Cover) 02:55
Maddie WilsonTreat You Better (Shawn Mendes cover) 03:41
Wesley StrombergTreat You Better (Shawn Mendes Cover) 02:10
ShoshaStitches/Treat you better (Shawn Mendes cover mush-up) 03:31
ConkarahTreat u better (Reggae cover) 03:02
Viscera DripBetter Off Alone (Alice Deejay Cover) 02:58
yomiSomething Better (Softengine cover) 03:01
TravisNobody Does It Better (Carly Simon Acoustic Cover) 02:48
MiracleBetter Dayz (feat. Pete Murray) (Pete Murray Cover) 03:07
MiracleBetter Dayz (Pete Murray Cover) 03:07
Death From Above 1979Better Off Dead (La Peste cover) 02:20
Death From Above 1979Better Off Dead (La Peste Cover) 02:17
Hillary CappsI like me better (Lauv cover) 02:44
tendersukaprodBetter Now (cover Post Malone) 03:29
The Animal In MeBetter Now (Cover Post Malone) 04:05
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